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On Not Racing (and Blogging)

Today I was supposed to run the Hot Chocolate 15k.  At around 4:15, I turned off my alarm and decided to go back to sleep.  I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve signed up for a race and didn’t show up (with the exception of being injured).

I was dreading the race all week.


The main reasons I didn’t want to do it were:

  • There was no easy way to get to the race.  From all the emails from the race organizers I could tell it was going to be a disaster getting all the runners to the start.  Large races need to be metro accessible.  I considered biking, but it would be pitch black when I would have to leave my house.
  • It was a huge race.  I didn’t realize there would be 20,000 runners when I signed up!  I hate crowded race courses.
  • I’ve been feeling a bit stressed out the last few weeks.  More on this later, but I didn’t want to add any more stress to my life right now.
  • I’ve been feeling a little under the weather.  I woke up with a scratchy throat.  I thought standing around in the cold waiting for a race to start might make it worse.
  • I had a lot of things to do today.  If I went to the race, it would be very difficult to get everything done in time.

The only good reasons I had for running the race were:

  • I had paid for it. 
  • My co-worker picked up my packet and I felt bad making her do it for nothing.
  • It would get my long run out of the way for the weekend.

In the end, I’m very very glad I didn’t go.  From what I read on twitter the race was a huge disaster and did not start for more than an hour after it started.  I would have been royally screwed with everything I had to do today.


What was I busy doing?  Not just playing with the dog.  Making food for Thanksgiving Part 2!  My sister-in-law Kristen was out of town for work on Thanksgiving, so we are having a second meal tonight.  Today I made stuffing, butternut squash and apple pie.IMG_3089[1]


I made that pie crust from scratch.  Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

I also took a Rock Creek Park walk with the dog and did a workout video.  My long run will happen tomorrow.

You may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet over here these days.  Some big life changes are coming up, which are both stressful and awesome.  You can probably guess what it is based on what I have blogged about in the past, but I can’t officially announce it for a few more weeks.  Since these changes are such a large part of my life at the moment it feels weird to blog and not write about them.  It actually feels like I’m lying in some way. 

So, I will be blogging less often until I can share the wonderful news publicly.  And of course, if you are very curious I can email you what is going on.

16 comments to On Not Racing (and Blogging)

  • Um, but it was so much fun to sit in the cold for over an hour waiting to run.

    Just don’t skip that half next weekend, OK :) ?

  • Bleeeh you picked a good race to skip!! We did wait an hour and it was SO COLD! Couldn’t feel my feet for the first mile. And then it was so crowded for the first half of the race. I was actually planning to bike there up until a few weeks ago when I realized that it’d be dark the whole ride. So we dealt with traffic and parking and that is always fun.

    Anyway, I’m excited about your big news! I’m thinking I can guess what it is and I can wait a few weeks until you announce it officially. Unless of course you want to e-mail me and obvi I always love an exciting e-mail :)

    Hope Thanksgiving Part 2 is fun!

  • You picked the right day to skip a race. My friend and I didn’t have any traffic issues because we arrived super early; we got to the race site at 7 and had to stand out in the cold for two hours before the race began. It took me 3.5 miles before I could feel my feet. Also? The hot chocolate at the end was really gross!

    Best wishes for all the exciting stuff going on in your life!

  • You totally made the right decision; I thought about registering for that race for about 2 seconds, but it being not Metro-accessible was a total deal-breaker for me.

    Excited about your big news! I have a feeling I know what it is based on some past posts you’ve had about your plans to move….if that’s it, I’m bummed at the idea of you leaving DC (even though we haven’t actually met!) but happy for you that you have good news to be excited about!

  • Kat

    I made the exact same decision about the hot chocolate 15k. A few weeks ago I was super pumped to do it but I just couldn’t motivate myself to get there and deal with the crowds. I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one! lol. I also totally understand what you mean about not blogging because you can’t talk about the big things that are happening in your life. I really appreciated it when you made the comment on my post (you know… forever ago lol) about it. It was so nice to know someone else out there felt the same way. I hate that feeling like I’m just making up other stuff to talk about because what I really want to share is just off limits. Hope thinks work out for the best!

  • I’m excited for your news Liz!!! NOT running the 15K on Saturday was a great choice! I talked to four friends later that night who would never do that race again (or actually any race that takes place at the National Harbor). I had friends who woke up at 4:30am to catch the shuttle, and basically had to wait 3 hours in the cold for the start of the race. By that time they were hungry again! I heard the route pretty much sucked too. You couldn’t pass anyone. The apple pie looks amazing!

  • You are the smartest person I know. I stood out in 34 degree weather for 2 hours to run on a non-closed highway and dodge construction trucks.

  • You didn’t miss anything by not running. Actually you were the smart one :)

  • the universe helped you out! and i want to hear your news!!

  • Suzanne C.

    You definitely made a good decision not to race! As you have heard by now it was pretty terrible.

    I’m excited to hear your news :) Good luck keeping everything stress-free

  • Yup- again to echo everyone else’s comments- this was a good one to skip. I thought about signing up for it, and decided not to (just because it’s a pretty long drive for me that early in the morning)- and I’m glad I skipped it! I spoke to a group of women that were in my spin class this morning that had run the race, and they had the exact same complaints as everyone else.
    And sometimes, you just need to SLEEP. Running will always be there- sleep can be hard to find!
    On another note- HOORAY for 2nd Thanksgiving dinner!! I personally think it should be made once a month. :)

  • You totally made the right call. I’m excited for your upcoming announcements!!!

  • I did the Hot Chocolate 15K in Chicago in 2010. That race had its problems, and when registration for 2011 opened up, even with their promise of a better course with downtown streets! it wasn’t worth the $65. However, from what I’ve heard, it was nowhere near as terrible as the DC race!

  • Good call on skipping the race!
    Hmm, news that you can’t announce yet … hmmm. Can’t wait to hear!

  • I’m kinda glad that I’m injured and couldn’t run the race. Sounds like a complete disaster.

    And you’re right, I’m totally impressed by that pie crust!

  • I had a similar situation occur a couple of wks ago (had a nasty stomach bug and didn’t run the Dallas White Rock Half Marathon), and I was glad in the end that I made the choice. I’m sure you have many more races to come! That pie looks amazing!!

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