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Life Without a Gym

Even though I haven’t had a gym membership in 3.5 years, in DC I had access to a small gym at my office. I tended to do my strength training there since it had a wide variety of dumbbell and barbell weights, plus a few machines I liked. I also did a lot of cross-training during the winter on the stationary bike and the elliptical.

During my first week in Denver, I drove by a packed 24 hour fitness and the idea of working out in a crowded gym like that made me shudder. I will probably have to join a 24 hour fitness eventually, mainly because there is one directly next to my office and I’ll need access to a shower once I start biking to work.

In the meantime, I’ve outfitted the house to get in exercise at home:

  • My bike trainer: This is definitely not my favorite form of cardio, but at least I can watch TV while I pedal away.
  • Adjustable dumbbells: I got these for a gift a few years ago and they are awesome.
  • A jump rope. I bought a jump rope last week. This should be good for HIIT workouts.
  • Resistance bands. You know I like these.
  • A few sweet iPad apps. I’ll do another post about my favorite apps later this week, but I’ve found these can be great for at-home workouts.
  • Workout videos. Sarah suggested this idea. With Netflix and Xfinity on demand, it couldn’t be easier.

However, none of these can truly replace a run during marathon training. This morning I woke up to another 3 inches of fresh snow on the ground and was very happy that my new pair of YakTrax are on the way.

What is your favorite at-home workout equipment?

7 comments to Life Without a Gym

  • I really need to put together a home gym other than my trainer!

  • I hear skiing is a good work out. granted, its not at home.

    i love therabands! i also do lunges, push ups, and wall sits.

  • I could easily live without a gym membership. I really only ever go to mine when I’m paid to be there (aka teaching classes!).
    I have a spin bike at home and a few pieces of equipment. I use a few different exercise DVDs, but really I like to make up circuits. I practice BodyPump at home too (which is not quite as effective because I use dumbbells since I don’t have a bar and plates).
    Truth be told, my favorite exercise is riding my spin bike while watching the Kardashians on E!…. don’t judge.

  • I use my bands a few times a week along with body weight to get in at home lifting.

  • I am in the opposite boat because I’ve never had access to a gym and am just deciding I want one. My new bike trainer and some free weights are my only “at-home gym” equipment but I also love the nike training workout app. If you don’t have it, I definitely recommend it!

  • I used to be with 24 Hour Fitness when I was in Houston. It was.. meh. Seriously crowded all the time. Are you close to any Lifetime Fitness? Luke and I just joined about a month ago and we are IN LOVE with it. Never any lines and their facilities are like HUGE!

    I think the only at home work out equip we have would be.. a foam roller and resistance bands. About it! Thinking of adding a stationary bike.

  • Resistance bands. A Seane Corn yoga video. And I would LOVE adjustable dumbbells and a BOSU or Indo Board for home use. Care to share your favorite workout videos in another post? :)

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