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Denver Rock n' Roll Half Marathon (9-22) Bear Chase Trail Half Marathon (9-30)


I can’t imagine running without my Garmin.  I’ve had it for over 2 years and it has made marathon training so much easier.  I love being able to head out my door without an exact route and hit whatever mileage I need to hit.

However, since I’ve moved to Denver I’m a little less in love with my Garmin.  Mainly because I can easily look back at all my runs and see that I’m running much much slower these days.

One of the reasons I like long-distance running (and probably a reason I haven’t been getting much faster) is that I prefer to run at a comfortable pace.  On top of that, I’m actually following the guidelines to run my long runs at 1-1.5 minutes slower than goal pace.

As a result, here is a depressing look at my 12 mile run 2 weeks ago, compared to some 12 milers at sea level.


This morning, I had a 4 mile run on the schedule with 2 miles at goal pace.  I was nervous that I have gotten slower and that my goal pace would be tough.

I’m happy to report that running faster was not only easy, but fun.  I tried not to look at my Garmin too much and just zoned out to my music.  I ended up running a little faster than goal pace, but it was worth it for the much needed confidence boost.image

One of my favorite things about marathon training is that it empowers you and makes you feel stronger with each run.  Next up to make me feel better – long runs with more miles at goal pace.

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